Thermal Spray Coatings from Alphatek

Thermal Spray Coating Solutions

Alphatek’s award winning Thermal Spray Coatings deliver great value and rapid return on investment.

Companies of all sizes trust us with their Thermal Spray Coating projects. From concept to completion. We will take the time to understand your engineering challenges and advise on the optimum Thermal Spray Coating Solution for your needs.

Proprietary Thermal Spray Coatings range

  • HYPERLOY® Thermal Spray Coatings range
  • HYPERTRAK® Thermal Spray Traction Optimised Coatings
  • HYPERSLIP® Fluoropolymer Coating range
  • HYPERFLON® Combination Thermal Sprayed and Fluoropolymer Coatings combined to deliver an even wider range of surface properties
  • HYPERFINISH Coating Finishing Services

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What’s the problem ?…..

Although we are able to consider and address many more application challenges than we can list here, If you’re facing problems of Abrasion, Cavitation, Corrosion, Dielectric-Insulation, Erosion, Fretting, Traction or Oxidation then bring them to us. Thermal Spray Coatings can almost certainly help.

What’s the substrate ? …

Not metal ?…. No problem. We think outside the box to deliver Thermal Spray Coating solutions suitable for application on to many substrates other than metal. How about ceramics, plastics, composites and carbon fibre ? If you’re facing a design challenge beyond metal, then look no further than Alphatek. There is no shortcut to experience.

We are rarely limited by technology and certainly not imagination when considering how best to approach an application challenge. Alphatek continue to invest in equipment and systems to ensure that we can supply any combination of Thermal Spray Coatings solution.  Couple this to a ‘Can-do’ attitude to business and a team of individuals trained to do it ‘The Alphatek-way’ and the future’s looking brighter already.

 Entrust your business to Alphatek with confidence, we’ve likely already seen and solved the challenges that you’re now faced with so please let us help realise the best solution. You’re in capable hands with us.

Thermal Spray Coatings in Oil and Gas

Why Thermal Spray Coatings?

Many of our Thermal Spray Coatings coatings are individually formulated to meet customers’ specific requirements, some of which have their origins in the high-tech aerospace industry implying the ultimate in quality, performance and the strictest of tolerances.

Industry demands a wide diversity of coating characteristics encompassing properties of nonstick release, traction, frictional wear, corrosion, abrasion and high-temperature resistance and conduction. We not only meet these demands, we smash them!

We have supplied Thermal Spray Coatings solutions to some of the world’s leading companies in the fields of Oil and Gas drilling and explorations. Our coatings help to keep the industry running in a safe and efficient manner.

Thermal Spray Coatings Client, Oil & Gas