Brake disc with High Friction Coatings from Alphatek

High Friction Coatings

When ‘Slippy’ is bad you need high friction coatings!

When slipping gets in the way of production efficiency, profits and quality problems are never far behind.

Alphatek have developed a number of effective high friction coatings for many applications to restore traction efficiency to customer applications.

Some of these solutions are thermal spray applied and can incorporate the application of Tungsten Carbide, metals or polymers.

Wherever lack of friction is a problem there is a potential application for our range of high friction coatings. Our proprietary coatings offer unique benefits and are designed to deliver in the most demanding engineering environments.

Proprietary Coatings

Our range of proprietary HYPERTRAK™, HYPERLOY™ and HYPERSLIP™ coatings are proven performers.

Sometimes, a combination of properties (eg. Low-Friction and corrosion protection to cite a couple) are required. No fear, Alphatek’s proprietary range of HYPERFLON™ coatings are on hand.

By incorporating an Alphatek engineered coating solution, we will work with the customer to optimise operating efficiencies and maximise profits, simultaneously minimsing the opportunities for production interuptions and downtime through breakdown & unscheduled maintenance.