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HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coatings

HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coatings, HVOF Coatings and Ceramic Coatings are capable of offering various properties, depending upon the formulation. Therefore, it is possible to formulate coatings specifically for a wide range of coating applications. As a result potential applications include: wear resistance, high or low friction, abrasion protection and many more.

Applications of  Tungsten Carbide Coatings

HVOF Tungsten carbide coatings are often applied to roll surfaces used in paper production. In these challenging environments erosion, abrasion, and corrosion are some of the most common issues. Thus, Tungsten carbide coatings and ceramic coatings are particularly effective in conditions of extreme wear.

HVOF Tungsten carbide coatings are widely used in the Steel and Metal Production Industries because they have a wide range of proven, cost-saving applications across the entire production process. As a result, they are highly effective where valuable components require protection from hazardous and challenging environments and operating conditions.

Similarly, HVOF tungsten carbide coatings are frequently applied within the Power Generation Industry, providing essential protection to components exposed to extreme conditions of wear.

Why Choose Alphatek

At Alphatek, HVOF tungsten carbide thermal spray coatings are amongst the most frequently applied wear resistant surface treatments. With unparalleled experience in HVOF thermal spray techniques and technology, we deliver best in class coating results. Our HVOF thermal spray capabilities allow for the coating of a wide range of complex parts and equipment, from small individual components up to large drums, rails and tanks of all sizes and shapes. We have both the space and the expertise to handle large and heavy components, and also the capability to deliver high-throughput of smaller, high-volume processes.

The HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) thermal spray process involves the combustion of a fuel gas and oxygen in a pressure chamber, with temperatures reaching 5,000°F (3,000°C). The super-heated gas is ejected at high pressure and supersonic speed through a nozzle at which point tungsten carbide powder is introduced to the gas mixture.

The high-energy tungsten carbide particles strike the substrate to be coated and bond instantaeously. The coating is built up by the application of additional layers in rapid succession. The resulting coatings have extremely high bond strength and offer exceptional levels of wear resistance.

The specific performance characteristics of the tungsten carbide coating can be modified by varying the specifications of the tungsten carbide powder and binding agent – usually Cobalt. Variations in grain size and temperature of application can greatly affect bond strength, wear characteristics, susceptibility to erosion and corrosion; allowing for the tailoring of HVOF tungsten carbide coatings to match specific application requirements.

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HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating Solutions

  • Bespoke formulations based on requirements
  • Wear Control Coatings
  • High Friction Coatings
  • HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coatings
  • Paper Production / Paper Rollers
  • Power Generation
  • Steel and Metal Production
  • Food Production
  • Aerospace
  • Medical applications
  • Agriculture / Farming

What Clients Say

We have just finished a substantial project for a very large and important Energy Client.
We sub-contracted the HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating Spraying solution to Alphatek and were really impressed by the results.
They supplied us with a first class product, on time and to the tight tolerances and strict specification.
We would definitely recommend this Company.

Phil / Senior Sales Co-ordinator, UK. Major Construction and Civil Engineering Company
Having worked with Alphatek for over a decade I can say with confidence that they offer old fashioned service backed up by cutting edge methods and results.
When we need speed, accuracy, communication and quality, it’s Alphatek every time.
When you are up against it Alphatek is the Company to have in your corner!
Sales Team Leader, UK Oil and Gas OEM
Credit where it’s due. Alphatek recently supplied us with an exemplary level of Customer satisfaction and service that we couldn’t let pass without fair acknowledgement.
They supplied us with an effective solution to a challenging engineering issue we were experiencing on a critical service part. From concept to coating, the project was completed without fuss and within a tight deadline.
We had used other coating companies previously with limited success and we were beginning to lose heart but, in fairness to the team at Alphatek, their solution worked ‘straight out of the box’. This was a massive relief at the time as deadlines were beyond tight.
Thanks to Alphatek we delivered a result and retained our own client’s confidence.
We would have no problem recommending this Company in the highest terms.
Managing Director, Int. Major Oil and Gas Ind. Equip Mfr