Thermal spray coatings for the print and paper industry

Thermal Spraying Solutions Print and Paper

Thermal Spraying Solutions Print and Paper. Alphatek has a long and successful history providing highly effective money saving, efficiency improving metal spraying solutions for use in the Print and Paper industry. Our proprietary HVOF and Fluoropolymer coatings provide the ultimate protection in demanding, aggressive wear and highly corrosive situations and environments. We are able to provide both an on-site and off-site service, providing the maximum level of flexibility with the minimum amount of interruptions and downtime.

Metal Spraying Applications in the Print and Paper Industry Include:

  • Roll Refurbishment
  • Bearing Seats
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Wear Resistance

Roll Refurbishment

Metal Spraying Solutions Print and Paper - Print Roller

Process rolls for industries such as paper, printing and steel can be refurbished either in-situ or at Alphatek’s purpose built facility.

Preparation is by Machining, Grit Blasting. Applied Coatings include: Thermal spray carbides, Metal Alloys, or Ceramics. Fluoropolymers. Finishing: Grinding, Polishing

Anilox Rolls

Metal Spraying Solutions for Paper and Print - Bearing Seats

In a Thermal Spray, Plasma (APS) Process, Anilox rolls are sprayed with a ceramic Ni based sub layer with a Cr Oxide based top coating and subsequently diamond ground and laser engraved to produce a surface profile which will deliver a controlled amount of ink to the paper being printed.

Bearings and Seats

Metal Spraying Solutions for paper and print bearing

Because of the harsh environment in which they operate, the bearings of rubber-coated rollers within the printing industry can become clogged and damaged by all manner of debris and ink deposits causing wear and damage to the bearing and bearing seats. Thermally Sprayed coatings applied to the affected bearings and bearing seats can restore functionality and greatly extend life.