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Corrosion Protecting Coatings

Corrosion Protection Coatings to bust the bust!

Corrosion Protection Coatings and anti-corrosion coatings can vastly increase component life and prevent the onset of corrosion. Corrosion can be an application & production killer unless managed from the offset.

Left unaddressed, Corrosion can lead to catastrophic failure of components and also be responsible for product contamination, application failure and possible loss of life itself! Understandably, the potential for production interruption is real. Remedial and corrective cost can be massive.

Such failures can potentially be prevented/avoided by a combination of correct design, material selection and surface treatment (Corrosion Protection Coatings and anti-corrosion coatings).

For optimum results, the correct choice of Corrosion Protection Coating and substrate pre-treatment are critical.

Why Choose Us

  • Numerous applications across as many industries where corrosion needs to be engineered out of the equation.
  • Alphatek has been a major supplier of standard and bespoke coating solutions of the highest performance to the oil and gas industry for over 2 decades.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings used for offshore structures and components must, by definition, be designed to withstand the onslaught from one of the most inhospitable environments there is.
  •  Corrosion protection coatings have to be efficient and long lasting under the most destructive of environmental conditions.

What Clients Say

We have just finished a substantial project for a very large and important Energy Client.
We sub-contracted the Corrosion Protection Coatings to Alphatek and were really impressed by the results.
They supplied us with a first class product, on time and to the tight tolerances and strict specification.
We would definitely recommend this Company.

Having worked with Alphatek for over a decade I can say with confidence that they offer old fashioned service backed up by cutting edge Corrosion Protection Coatings.
When we need speed, accuracy, communication and quality, it’s Alphatek every time.
When you are up against it Alphatek is the Company to have in your corner!

Sales Team Leader, UK Oil & Gas OEM

Credit where it’s due. Alphatek recently supplied us with exemplary Corrosion Protection Coatings and service that we couldn’t let pass without fair acknowledgement.
They supplied us with an effective solution to a challenging engineering issue we were experiencing on a critical service part. From concept to coating, the project was completed without fuss and within a tight deadline.
We had used other coating companies previously with limited success and we were beginning to lose heart but, in fairness to the team at Alphatek, their solution worked ‘straight out of the box’. This was a massive relief at the time as deadlines were beyond tight.
Thanks to Alphatek we delivered a result and retained our own client’s confidence.
We would have no problem recommending this Company in the highest terms.

Managing Director, Int. Major Oil and Gas Ind. Equip Mfr