• Alphatek thermal spraying for renewable energy

Sector Experience

With 20+ years experience in the engineering coatings industry, the Alphatek team have worked extensively across a wide range of industries, sectors and applications, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail
  • Paper & Print
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Utilities & Clean Energy

Alongside our proprietary range of Hyperformance coatings we have also developed numerous industry specific coating solutions, tailored to meet the exact requirements of our client’s individual needs. Whatever your industry, sector or engineering challenge, the Alphatek team are perfectly placed to guide you to the correct solution for your needs.

Oil & Gas

Extensive global Oil & Gas industry experience and approvals in place

Applications include:

HVOF coatings for Spherical Ball Valves and seats, Valve Stems, Seal Wear, Erosive Fluid Control, Length Adjustment Joints etc.

Coatings in Rail

Our proprietary HYPERTRAK rail coating reduces corrosion and extends rail life

Proprietary Rail Coatings

Proven results in the most demanding applications and environments.

Aerospace & MOD

Aerospace and defence applications often require high performance, specialist coatings

Military grade coatings

Operating at the extremes of performance and reliability, our coatings provide vital protection to precision components, extending life, reducing maintenance and improving MTBF.

Paper & Print

Specialist applications for the paper and print finishing industries

Friction and Release Coatings

Print Rolls, Coating & Laminating Rolls, Cooling RollsPaper Felt Rolls, Coating & Laminating Rolls. Coatings provided: Release Non Stick, Easy Clean, Optimised Production

Automotive Coatings

Leading vehicle manufacturers rely on our automotive coatings to deliver engineering excellence

Applications include:

Reducing wear and friction, preventing corrosion, or developing new, lighter, stronger composites, the opportunities are endless.

Marine Coatings

The marine environment presents some of the biggest engineering challenges around.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Our specialist marine coatings deliver proven results. Off shore, Clean energy, Renewables, Marine engineering, MOD and more.

Utilities & Energy

Clean energy via wear resistance and anti-corrosion coatings to extend life and save money.

Green Energy & Renewables

Our clean energy coatings allow functional components to operate for longer and with greater efficiency, ensuring the minimum levels of wasted energy and investment.

Coatings for Industry

From print, marine, architectural, clean energy and renewables, automotive and more!

Unlimited Applications

We have developed a wide range of standard and bespoke thermally sprayed solutions suitable for use in a diverse range of industries and applications.

Unparalleled Experience

      • Industry leading team of experts with vast, cross-sector experience
      • Approved supplier to a wide range of Tier 1 organisations
      • Bespoke projects, JVs and collaborative projects via in house R&D and Met Lab
      • Specialists in Oil & Gas, Paper & Print, Rail, Automotive, MOD, Green Energy
      • ‘Go the extra mile’ attitude with ‘family owned’ levels of service