Thermal spray coatings for the glass manufacturing industry

Glass Thermal Spraying & Coating Solutions

Glass Manufacturing Coatings. Alphatek provide a wide range of surface engineering coatings (Flame Spraying and HVOF) specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the Glass Manufacturing Industry. Bottle and glass container manufacturing plants operate under extreme conditions of wear, corrosion and heat. We have developed proprietary HVOF and Fluoropolymer coatings (HYPERGLAZE) in order to provide the ultimate level of protection and wear protection in even the most challenging of environments. We have a great deal of experience in delivering coatings for a wide range of applications within the Glass Manufacturing Industry, Including:

Metal Spraying Applications in the Glass Manufacturing Industry Include:

  • Glass Manufacturing Moulds
  • Glass Manufacturing Chutes
  • Glass Manufacturing Plungers
  • Wear Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Flame Spraying Solutions
  • HVOF Spraying Solutions

Glass Bottle Moulds

Metal Spraying Solutions Glass Moulds

Glass bottle moulds and glass container moulds operate under extreme conditions of corrosion, wear and heat. Alphatek provide a range of Flame Spraying and HVOF coatings designed to reduce oxidisation and wear, whilst extending component lifetime.

In terms of glass bottle and glass container manufacturing, the mould, mould neck, and mould base funnel can all benefit enormously from the application of an appropriate Flame Spray or HVOF surface coatings.


Glass Chutes

Metal Spraying Solutions for glass chutes

Thermal spray coatings can protect glass chutes against the wear and tear and extreme temperatures common throughout the glass manufacturing process. Our proprietary HYPERGLAZE coatings deliver significant benefits in terms of wear reduction, component life and reduced downtime.

Glass Plungers

Metal Spraying Solutions for glass plungers

Thermal spray coatings for glass plungers. In the glass manufacturing process, glass plungers are particularly vulnerable to wear and heat damage and corrosion. The application of suitable thermal spray coatings can provide excellent benefits in terms of extended glass plunger component life and reduced downtime.