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Metal Spray Coating Solutions

Thermal Metal Spray coatings (also known as Metal Spray Coatings) are suitable for use across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, power generation, transport, oil and gas and chemical processing among many others. The various application systems, methods and techniques employed within the Metal Spray Coating process brings added value and affords protection for critical components from the effects of abrasion, erosion, corrosion, fatigue, temperature, oxidation and more.

What Is Metal Spray Coating?

Thermal spray (or Metal Spray Coating) is the term commonly used for a process that utilises heat to turn metallic and non-metallic materials (forms are typically powder or wire) into a molten or semi-molten state, which is then projected (sprayed) onto a components’ surface.

Upon impact with the part, the sprayed molten particles ‘flatten’ and cool on the component surface with sufficient force to adhere, creating a reliable bond. Subsequent repetition of this process realises a coating of increasing thickness up to the desired / required specification.

The new coating is then ready and suitable for subsequent operations as may be required, e.g. Machining, Grinding, Polishing, subsequent surface treatment (eg. Alphatek Fluoropolymer) etc.

Benefits of Alphatek Thermal Metal Spray Coating Solutions

The key benefits of using Alphatek Thermal Metal Spray Coating Solutions include:

  • Thermal Spray applied coatings provide added application performance.
  • Are economical and cost effective.
  • Provide engineers with enormous flexibility of design and can be used on complex geometries.
  • Save money & maximise customer profits by extending component life and minimising downtime for maintenance.

Anti Corrosion Coatings

Our specialist anti-corrosion coatings reduce wear and friction in the most demanding environments

Reduce wear and downtime

Countless applications including Chemical, Green Energy, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Pulp & Paper.

Low Friction Coatings

Our industry leading range of Low Friction and Release Coatings provide huge cost saving benefits and extended component life

Reduce friction and wear in key components

Our specialist low friction engineering coatings improve efficiency and reduce wear, protecting vital components and reducing downtime, saving you money!

Bespoke Coatings

Our in house R&D facility develops bespoke coating solutions to meet the demands of your specific challenge

Developed to your exact specification

Whatever the application or engineering challenge, we can develop bespoke thermal spray coatings to your exact requirements.

Full Range of Coatings

Our highly experienced team are trusted by leading global companies to deliver world class coating solutions

HVOF, Plasma, Teflon, PTFE, Flame Spraying, Arc Wire

Whatever the challenge, Alphatek have a thermally sprayed coating to suit! With over 20 years experience in the industry to ensure the optimum solution every time!

Why Choose Us

  • Unparalleled experience – providing coating excellence for over 20 years
  • Major approvals in place for Oil & Gas, Rail, Aerospace, Automotive, Green Energy
  • ISO approved quality processes for the ultimate assurance
  • In house R&D and Met Lab facilities for bespoke applications and solutions
  • Friendly, reliable, expert team. Small enough to care, but big enough to cope!
ISO 9001 for Metal Spray Coatings