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What are Abradable coatings ?….

In layman’s terms, abradable coatings are coatings designed to control operational clearances in (generally) moving pieces of machinery. Abradable coatings are made from an abradable material, that is intended to wear preferentially and in a controlled manner, when it rubs against a more abrasive material. When this happens, the abradable coating will be worn whereas the latter will incur no wear.

Such coatings are commonly used in jet engines (also known as gas turbines) in the compressor and turbine sections where a minimal (& critical) clearance is needed between the blade tips and the casing.

In typical turbomachinery, the clearance between blade tips and the casing must account for thermal and inertial expansion as well as changes in concentricity due to shock loading events.

In short, there are countless engineering applications where coatings of this nature can provide significant benefits. If you have an engineering coating challenge, then give us a call!

Why Choose Abradable Coatings from Alphatek?

  • We maintain an extensive range of application examples where Alphatek’s Thermally Sprayed Abradable Coatings have been incorporated into components in order to realise an otherwise impossible / unachievable level of performance and simultaneously, enabling the engineering teams best flexibility.
  • Our range of proprietary HYPERLOY™ and industry coatings are proven performers and represent excellent value for money.
  • Alphatek’s engineered coating solutions optimise operating efficiencies and maximise profits simultaneously, by minimsing the opportunities for production interuptions and downtime through breakdown & unscheduled maintenance.
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